The privacy of users’ personal data is important to AI时间杂志. Therefore, we consider it necessary to inform 我们的 users about data being collected, the purposes of such collection, requirements for retention 和 rights related to the processing of the personal data.

关于 AI时间杂志

AI时间杂志 divulges news 和 knowledge about Artificial Intelligence through www.aitimejournal.com. AI时间杂志 is collecting 和 processing user’s personal data as described herein.

您提供给AI Time Journal的个人信息由AI Time Journal OU控制,公司编号14588729,注册于爱沙尼亚塔林Sepapaja 6,Tallinn 15551,联系地址为2066 N Capitol Ave#1092 San Jose,CA 95132,USA(in此页面称为“AI Time Journal”, “we”, “us” 和 “our”).


为避免疑问,本隐私政策适用于针对自然人(以下简称“用户”)进行的个人数据处理“User”) where AI时间杂志 acts as data controller. Any personal data processing conducted on behalf of the 用户 where AI时间杂志 acts as data processor (such as further provision of AI时间杂志 services after the company has been established 和 its operation is supported by various services or AI时间杂志) is subject to an additional data transfer agreement signed between AI时间杂志 和 the legal person controlled by the 用户.

AI时间杂志 has the right to unilaterally supplement 和/or amend the privacy policy from time to time. We undertake to notify the 用户 about such changes.

If the 用户 does not agree with any or all terms of this policy, 我们的 website’s 条款和条件 or any possible changes to it, then he/she should immediately close the website 和 cease using the services provided by AI时间杂志.


AI时间杂志 processes the following data about the 用户 (hereinafter “Personal Data”):

  • 有关个人识别和验证的数据:全名(姓和名),性别,个人识别码,出生日期,国籍,投资组合或LinkedIn个人资料的URL,电子邮件。
  • Other data obtained by the use of the website or during the provision of service: 用户’s correspondence with AI时间杂志, inquiries submitted via the website, email, social media or chat; 用户’的活动日志。另请参见“Cookies和跟踪技术” 和 “Google Analytics(分析)和广告” below.

We may combine the data we collect in relation to the 用户 with data that we receive about the 用户 from other sources, such as public databases.

2. Purposes for collecting 和 processing 用户’s 个人资料

个人资料 collected by AI时间杂志 is processed for the purposes established in the law or as described herein, including but limited for the following purposes:

    • to provide 我们的 Service (i.e. for the performance of service agreement);
    • to manage, analyse 和 improve 我们的 Service;
    • to personalize 我们的 Service 和 the content provided to the 用户;
    • to contact the 用户 for administrative purposes such as customer service, address technical or legal issues related to the Service provided, or share updates 和 notifications about the Service;
  • to send relevant promotional information to the 用户 about AI时间杂志 services 和 the related offerings by third parties we work with, if the 用户 has granted an explicit consent to use his/her personal data for this purpose.

AI时间杂志 shall not use 用户’出于其他目的而与上述目的或法律要求,允许或授权不符的个人数据。

3. Transfer of the 个人资料

AI时间杂志 may transfer 用户’■向第三方(例如法律和监管机构)以及向AI Time Journal提供服务的公司(IT系统供应商和支持;云服务提供商或其他外包提供商)的个人数据。 AI时间杂志已采取步骤,以确保这些数据接收者保护个人数据的机密性和安全性,并确保仅出于提供服务的目的并遵守适用法律的原则处理个人数据。


For example, AI时间杂志 may transfer 用户’s 个人资料 to the US, in which case AI时间杂志 shall ensure that the recipient of the 个人资料 is certified in accordance to the EU-US Privacy Shield entered by 和 between the US Department of Commerce 和 the European Commission. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, please visit //www.privacyshield.gov/.

When transferring collected 个人资料 outside of the 欧洲经济区, AI时间杂志 shall ensure the application of the appropriate safeguards. If the 用户 wishes to receive a copy, please contact us as instructed below.




5. Integrity 和 retention of the 个人资料

AI时间杂志 will retain 个人资料 for the period required or permitted by applicable law, but no longer than it is reasonably necessary in order to achieve the purposes for which the 个人资料 was collected.

AI时间杂志 takes reasonable steps to ensure that the 个人资料 we process is reliable for its intended use, accurate, 和 complete as necessary to carry out the purposes described herein.

6. 用户’s rights in regarding to the collection of 个人资料

用户 has the right to:

    • Request access 和/or corrections to 个人资料 collected about him/her;
    • Have the 个人资料 erased, removed 和/or transferred from 我们的 active files in line with provisions of applicable regulations;
    • 要求限制其个人数据的处理或反对这种处理;
    • 在技​​术上可行的情况下,以结构化,常用且机器可读的格式接收有关他/她的个人数据;
    • Raise concerns about the handling of his/her 个人资料 to us;
  • 在根据同意处理个人数据的情况下,撤回其对处理个人数据的同意,而不会影响撤回之前处理的合法性。

In order to exercise any rights referred herein the 用户 is required to submit a written application to AI时间杂志. AI时间杂志 has the right to decline this application by justifying the reasons for the refusal.

If 用户 considers that his/her rights have been infringed, the 用户 is entitled to lodge a complaint with the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate.

The collection of certain 个人资料 referred herein may be required under the law 和/or inevitably necessary for the provision of service to the 用户s (such as data necessary for the verification of the 用户). Failure to provide data may result in adverse consequences, such as, 我们的 inability to comply with 我们的 obligations under law. The 用户 is welcome to ask for clarifications regarding the obligation to submit any specific 个人资料 和 also about possible consequences arising from the failure to provide the 个人资料.

7. Cookies和跟踪技术

AI时间杂志 is using automatically collected information 和 other information collected within its website through cookies 和 similar technologies for the following purposes:

    • Store authentication information 和 protect 个人资料 from third parties;
    • Personalize 我们的 Service, help remember 用户’s choices within the website, understand 和 save 用户’未来访问的偏好;
    • 提供定制的广告,内容和信息;
    • Track 用户’服务上任何促销或其他活动中的条目,提交和状态
      • 监控和分析服务的有效性;


    • 编译有关站点流量和站点交互的汇总数据,以便将来提供更好的站点体验和工具。

Cookies are small text files that a website or its service provider transfers to the 用户’s computer hard drive through their website browser (if 用户 allows) that enables the website’或服务提供商’s systems to recognize 用户’的浏览器,捕获并记住某些信息。


AI时间杂志可能会使用第三方分析工具(例如Google Analytics(分析))来帮助我们衡量AI Time Journal服务的流量和使用趋势。网络分析服务提供商分析AI Time Journal网站和服务的使用情况,以便AI Time Journal可以改善和修改我们的网站/应用程序及其功能。

The 用户 can delete or block cookies through his/her browser settings at any time. However, some cookies might be necessary for the functionality of the AI时间杂志 services 和 usage of the website. Therefore, the 用户 understands that when blocking or deleting the cookies some features within the website might not function correctly. For more general information about cookies please see www.allaboutcookies.org.

8. Google Analytics(分析)和广告

AI时间杂志 uses ads served by Google’s AdSense program to help defray the costs of maintaining the site. To learn more, visit Google AdSense的隐私权政策页面.

AI时间杂志 have implemented the following Google Analytics features:

    • 再行销;
      • Google展示广告网络展示报告;


    • 受众特征和兴趣报告。

We along with third-party vendors, such as Google, use first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookies) 和 third-party cookies or other third-party identifiers together to compile data regarding 用户 interactions with ad impressions, 和 other ad service functions as they relate to 我们的 website.

用户s can set preferences for how Google advertises to them using the Google Ad Settings page. Alternatively, the 用户 can opt out by visiting the Network Advertising initiative opt out page or permanently using the Google Analytics Opt Out Browser add on.

We use Google Analytics to measure 和 evaluate access to 和 traffic on the public area of 我们的 website 和 create user navigation reports for 我们的 website administrators.

We take measures to protect the technical information collected by 我们的 use of Google Analytics. The data collected will only be used on a need to know basis to resolve technical issues, administer the website 和 identify visitor preferences.


If a 用户 receives commercial emails from us, he/she may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions contained within the email or by sending an email to [email protected]

The 用户 has to be aware that if he/she opts-out of receiving commercial emails from us or otherwise modify the nature or frequency of promotional communications he/she receives from us, it may take up to five (5) business days for us to process the request. Additionally, even after he/she opts-out from receiving commercial messages from us, he/she will continue to receive administrative messages from us regarding the Service.


Should the 用户s have any questions regarding this policy or processing of 个人资料, they are welcome to contact AI时间杂志 with requests, inquiries or any complaints via email: [email protected]


By accepting this privacy policy, the 用户 confirms that he/she has familiarized himself/herself with this policy, understood it 和 agree to its terms.